Experience The Best Fishing Southern Ontario Has To Offer


My goal is to share as much fishing knowledge as possible and to offer guided fishing trips of a lifetime to individuals seeking the best Ontario angling experience.

A firm believer in conservation, I am an advocate for proper catch and release techniques for all game fish not within the size limits according to the guidelines of provincial laws. Of course, when you catch those keeper fish we can clean and bag the catch.

More About Frank

  • Favorite lures (Jerkbaits, topwaters, and jigs)
  • Over 20 years of angling experience
  • 15 years of competitive sport fishing


  • Winner of 2020 Bronze Back Cup
  • CFT 2006 Team of the year
  • CFT and CFSL over 50 top ten finishes
  • CFT and CFSL Numerous top 3 finishes
  • CFT Pro Series Over All Big Fish 2006
  • Founder of Megacity Bass Anglers
  • Top Ten finish on Lake Simcoe Bronze Back cup
  • CSFL First Place Sturgeon Lake 2021